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Follow the recipe

Do you have to be a fantastic chef to make amazing chocolate chip cookies if you have a recipe? No of course not! you simply have to follow the recipie. Its just the same with this… Continue reading

How To Develop Persistence

How To Develop Persistence. -There are four simple steps that lead to the habit of persistence. Step 1. Having a definite purpose backed by a burning desire for its fulfillment.Step 2. A definite… Continue reading

Think and Grow Rich Summary

Think and Grow Rich is a classic goal achieving book helping millions of people across the globe achieve success and wealth in their lives for many years. It was published in 1937.  … Continue reading

Modeling success

If you are looking to achieve certain results, then find someone that is achieving the results that you want and model their action plan. This will work for virtually any goal that you… Continue reading

Five Life Lessons from Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich

Five Life Lessons from Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich Think and grow rich is a classic book that analyzes the secret to the success of great men from all walks of life. The… Continue reading

The Power of Focus

Your focus determines your reality. It’s something we don’t think about much of the time, but give it some consideration now: “Always remember, your focus determines your reality.” The quote above, as cheesy… Continue reading