No risk

The first programme of its kind where i actually hold all the risks

– No huge setup fees only 25$

-No monthly fees (125$ a month membership fee is not paid until you have 4 recruits in which you will be making 250usd a month)

-If you have dont have 5 signups after 12 months i will do a paid advertising for you and give you 20 Leads or 5 paid members

5-10 people will have the chance to move out to Thailand and live beachfront with us, going to the spas, massage center, hot tub and enjoying a tropical healthy life.Free holidays for all the down line who get 5 sales only and stay info over 3 years. Free stock picks that can give you over 30% year growth for your investment account.

Virtually no risk

Virtually no risk








There is no startup fee, only a one-time $25 tuition (license)  which enables them

to receive commissions.  Beyond this, there is absolutely no additional

out-of-pocket expense, EVER.