This home based business team will be a group share

-Members we be required to purchase courses, ad services and resource then review them to admin who will be able to use the infomation to create solutions for the Whole team to follow. For example DAVE WOODS buys the training course Dotcomsectretsx and he finds alot of great methods and ad resources that would benefit the team he would share with the admin over facebook or skype, then i will share the strategies/resources with the group or send them a signup link to join the programme.

-Members should spend time with their down line keeping them updated with news, tips and methods, also answering any queries they have.

-Members should offer their skills free of charge to help the overall team, for example John Cocks is a Website designer and has experience building high converting squeeze pages, he can create a template for testing then if it converts well it can be given to our team as a overall resource.

-If you can think of any ideas or mistakes we made on this blog please let us know

Again the admin can be added on skype or facebook

Skype ( samuk1235 )