Advertising services

List of advertising services you can outsource to get Leads or traffic

Master free marketing first before you waste money on paid it converts better but you need to learn the basics on how to talk to customers and how to close the sale.

1 – Craigslist ad posting

2- Twitter retweets

3- Facebook page likes

4- Social bookmarking

5- Targeted traffic (Alot of scammers here)

6- Video marketing (youtube uploads, commenting on videos, messaging)

7- Facebook group posting

8- Classified ads (Criagslist, backpage)

9- Online banner ad placements

10- Solo ads, email blasts

11- Guest Posts on Popular Blogs

12- paid sign ups to optin form or page

13- Newspaper classified ads

14- Professional press release newspaper services (21 year old teen retires to thailand in recession)

15- PPC (pay per click e.g google adwords, adbrite and facebook ppc)

16- Free (report, ebook, webinar, training video, skype webcam)

17- Sponsorships (sponsor a event, music band or charity)

18- leaflets (Community pinboards, parking lots windscreen wipers, music gigs, town center)

19- Stand outdoor or indoor events (physical stand or booth to talk to people offline give out leaflets)

20-Forum marketing (Banner in signature, private messaging, welcoming new members)